What does a commercial locksmith do?

A commercial locksmith is a specially trained locksmith for business and industry purposes. These locksmiths are highly skilled when it comes to creating and master lock systems across business and industry complexes. Whether it is a small-scale business property or a large-scale business property, they both have a requirement to secure their files and other important assets, therefore, every business should have a working relationship with a good commercial locksmith. If you are looking for a commercial locksmith, check out commercial locksmith Orlando.

There are several things that a commercial locksmith does, they follow the similar service pattern of every other locksmith service such as repairment, replacement, and installation but a commercial locksmith does all these for bigger properties, and that is of business and industries. Nevertheless, the following is a list of services a commercial locksmith provides.

Lock Installation

Every complex requires a lock installation and because the premises are large and the requirement to safeguard the entire building is huge, therefore, a commercial locksmith is required as they are skilled in handling locks that are specially designed for such big complexes.

Repair and Maintenance

By installing a lock system the job is not done there, as heavy usage will increase the rough and tear aspect of it, the locks of the building will require repair and maintenance so that they don’t default in the case of an emergency.


If your existing lock system is damaged or not working properly, then the lock has to be replaced. The commercial locksmith also specializes in replacing lock systems as they are especially skilled at it.

Making new keys

Making new keys is another skill of a commercial locksmith. All businesses need additional keys and in certain cases, they might be required to make new keys of existing locks if they have misplaced them or if the key is not working.


Security is an important feature of the lock system, especially when it comes to commercial spaces. The retail store or departmental store requires a good lock system that can safeguard their inventory and if something unfortunate happens, the inbuilt alarm should go off. Commercial locksmiths specialize in such lock systems also.

There are many other types of services that a commercial locksmith provides such as safe installation and digital lock installation to name a few, their services depend upon the type of requirement a business or industry needs. Check out more at commercial locksmith Orlando.